On the one hand, Öncü Tour and Travel Agency located at ... (hereinafter referred to as

AGENCY) and on the other hand,....... residing at....... and the persons who will benefit from

the tour / service (hereinafter referred to as Customer) have reached a full agreement on the following issues. In matters not written in this contract, Law No. 1618 and the Regulations, Regulations and Circulars, Communiqués and Schedules, 2634 S.K., IATA, IHA, UFTAA Convention Provisions and international private and official contracts shall be applied.

A - At least 35% of the total tour service fee must be paid at the time of registration and the balance must be paid at least 15 days before the start of the tour. In case the payments are not made within the aforementioned periods, the reservation made will be canceled and 35% of the total service fee will be invoiced to the consumer as withdrawal compensation.

B - The consumer who purchases Promotional, Discounted, Special Product services is obliged to pay the full service fee on the reservation date. For special products and services, the balance must be paid at least 60 days before the start of the service. Withdrawal compensation is the same as Article 1/A.


A - The agency may cancel or postpone the trip due to the fact that the final registrations do not reach the required number of passengers and / or adverse weather conditions, road obstacles, strikes, terrorism, fog, possibility of war, unforeseen technical issues and all similar force majeure reasons that prevent the start or continuation of the trip despite all due diligence. In this case, the consumer is not entitled to any compensation.

B - When the consumer requests cancellation up to 1 month before the start of the service, the full amount paid will be refunded to him. If the consumer cancels the contract 20-15 days before the start of the service, the consumer agrees and undertakes to pay 50% of the trip fee to the agency, and less than 15 days before the start of the service. Date changes made by the consumer shall be deemed as cancellation.

C- For promotional/discounted products, the consumer does not have the right to cancel/change the product purchased.

D- In special products, in case of cancellation up to 60 days before the start of the service, the consumer will be refunded the full amount of the fee paid until that moment. If the consumer cancels the contract 59-31 days before the start of the trip, he/she agrees and undertakes to


pay 25% of the trip fee, if he/she cancels the contract 30-15 days before the start of the trip, 50% of the trip fee, if he/she cancels the contract 14-07 days before the start of the trip, 75% of the trip fee, if less than 7 days before the start of the trip, he/she agrees and undertakes to pay the Agency in full.

E- The amount paid by the consumer for the service shall be refunded to him/her, provided that he/she or his/her first degree relatives are documented with an official report to be obtained from a full-fledged state hospital or in case of death. In this case, the report and documents shall be submitted before the start of the service. If this situation occurs during the continuation of the tour service, the excuse must be submitted to the Agency with the document within maximum 1 day from the date of the Consumer's departure from the tour.

F- Until a maximum of 7 days after the reservation date, the tour service received can be canceled by the Consumer or transferred to the person or persons he / she wishes, provided that it is suitable for the same reservation type. However, early booking discounted products cannot be transferred to other persons. The transferee is responsible for the balance and all expenses arising from the transfer together with the transferor. The consumer is obliged to submit all cancellation/transfer requests to the agency in writing and in accordance with the period specified above. This article does not apply if the service purchased is a product within the campaign and/or if there is less than 7 days between the reservation and the start of the service.

G- In the event that the Consumer does not notify in writing that he/she will participate in the service that he/she missed the start date; the Agency has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the Consumer 24 hours after the start date of the service. In such cancelations, no refund will be made to the Consumer.

H- The agency may partially or completely cancel the tours announced or registered before the start of the service, provided that the agency notifies the Consumer when deemed necessary. During the same period or during the service, the agency may change the names of the hotels within the scope of the service, the means of transportation and their departure points, the order of visit of the places specified in the program and shown as places to visit. If the consumer does not accept these changes and cancellations for justified reasons, he / she has the right to cancel his / her reservation and receive a refund of the service fees not consumed.


A- All kinds of responsibility regarding the baggage and its contents belongs to the owner. The consumer is obliged to comply with the legislation and customs governing the vehicle he/she will travel and the facility where he/she will stay.

B- In case of baggage loss or damage caused by the fault of the provider; In the event that the consumer has the provider issue a loss or damage RECORD, % of the part of the total service fee corresponding to transportation, regardless of the material and moral value and other qualities and characteristics of the items in the baggage, is paid to the consumer by the agency as material and moral compensation for the lost goods and luggage. The agency is responsible for all kinds of loss, damage and theft of the goods received by declaring them in writing together with their value, up to the transportation cost of the tour.

C- VISA PROCESSES and SERVICES are not included in the purchased service. The customer who declares that they have a visa for the countries belonging to the tour they will participate in or who declares that they will personally follow the visa procedures cannot terminate the contract by claiming that the visa procedures have taken place, the responsibility belongs to the customer.

D- The agency is not responsible for force majeure and situations arising from the Consumer and the personal liability of third parties arising after the start of the service subject to the contract. In cases within its responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of TÜRSAB Kütahya Schedule, the Consumer may compensate the changes against the Consumer in the form of price or service refund, as well as additional and / or alternative arrangements that are not included in the price and given to the Consumer during the service. The fact that additional or substitute services are purchased, used or consumed by the Consumer eliminates the Consumer's rights to refund and compensation.

E- The consumer accepts that the guide, facility, agency, transportation vehicle authorities and the insurance company will comply with the rules announced by the guide, facility, agency, transportation vehicle authorities and the insurance company regarding the purchased service, will respect the life, property safety and peace of third parties, otherwise they will not be able to receive the service for justified reasons and that they have no right to return the service.

F- In the event that the consumer terminates the service received on the grounds that the service performed is defective, he / she must notify the Agency official and the hotel where he / she stays in writing of the reasons for termination. Otherwise, it is deemed to have received and used the service.

G- It is the duty of the bona fide consumer to cooperate and act diligently to notify the Agency in writing during the performance of the service about the issues that the consumer complains about.

H- Consumer(s) who do not have a signature in the contract but participate in the service subject to the contract are deemed to have accepted and undertaken the provisions of the contract upon the reading and signing of this Agreement by the consumers they have assigned to register on their behalf. The Agency reserves the right of recourse to other consumers for the collection of the excess amount or service fee paid to the consumer(s) who signed the contract.

In foreign country entries, the authority of entry permit belongs to the passport police of that country and may not allow entry into the country, regardless of whether there is a visa or not, without any valid reason. The agency cannot be held responsible for this situation. J- If package tour service is purchased, incomplete or non-performance of the package tour is covered by insurance in accordance with the law. Coverage is limited to the package tour price.

K- If the consumer wishes, before the package tour service starts, he/she can insure the costs of returning to the departure point in case of accident and illness, damages arising from all kinds of accidents and treatment costs.

L- TÜRSAB KÜTAHYA CHART articles are applied in the calculation of the compensation to be paid in cases where the agent does not comply with the Agreement partially or completely.



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