Horseback Discovery of Cappadocia

A leisurely ride through the fertile fields, canyons and vineyards of Katpatuka, “Land of Horses”...

Daily Program

Cappadocia and horses have been so much interwoven with each other that it is impossible to consider any of them separately. Even the name “Cappadocia” is the Latin version of the Persian name “Katpatuka” that was pronounced by the Persians as early as 6th century BC, meaning “Land of Horses”.

This morning you will be met by your private guide at the lobby of your hotel and get a lift to the horse farm of Cappadocia where you will be hopping on your saddle to experience Cappadocia like the indigenous people were doing hundreds of years ago. Depending on the time of the year and state of agricultural crops, your guide will design the route of the day riding through fertile fields, canyons and vineyards of the region of Cappadocia. Your morning of horse riding will be over by noon and will give you the opportunity to spend the rest of the day experiencing other tastes of this fascinating part of the world.

Please note that we can also deliver late afternoon or sunset rides depending on your interest and priorities.

For a leisurely horseback discovery of Cappadocia, please contact our expert advisors at


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